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Motivation, do you have the drive

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 in response to ricardog...   You are more then welcome. God has made it clear that HIS son is coming in my life time, and by the discerning of the time's that appear's to confirm these thing's daily. God is moving in our midst to open heart's, and eye's. We place our trust that he will use the mean's HE will's to do motivate us to do what is right. = )
Shalom, love, and blessing's my friend.

I thank God for you friend.
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 in response to Need_yeshua...   Thank you. I know that prayer helps. I think that is what drove me to writing the article because I felt that is what people need at this point and time. Motivation or at least to find where it's coming from. Thank you my friend,, peace.
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I pray that heart's will be ignited, and be motivated to do. = )
Shalom, love, and blessing's to you friend.
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