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Motivation, do you have the drive

ricardog started this conversation
I have been thinking for weeks about writing an article on motivation. I thought this was the right time for it. So here is something to help you get motivated.

We all have different idea of what motivation is or how it has been explained to us, and what we are suppose to do but have you ever thought about how to use it and what it means to the individual? Motivation is an action idea that you need to do to get going on something that you must do or want to do.

Here on this site, we talk about problems, money, relationships, how to fix it, need to have or a way to go or where to get help. But what are you doing as a motivation to get things going? What are you exploring to get yourself motivated to change your life for the better? What are you doing to take action?

I know a lot of people are probably saying why? Be motivate? I know that I won’t get anywhere or it will just not happen. True! But then why are you thinking that way? What is making you think that way? How come you are thinking that way?

I’ve learned that people don’t feel motivated because they feel like they are finding the challenge on their own and they don’t want to do whatever it takes on their own. But if you think about it, you are not alone. You never have been. A lot of people have a friend, companion, spouse, a good relative, next-door neighbor, a co-worker or even god. But keep in mind that you are not alone. You have someone with you all the time or someone to give you that cheer you need to get you going. People will not act on something because they do not want to go about it on their own. But you are not alone.

The day that you accept in you that you are not alone, is the day that you will motivate yourself to move forward and get going after what you want to get or get started. Think about it, when you feel that you are not alone, you will move forward. It can be a thought that someone told you or someone just said that you can do it. Sometimes it’s just a path of faith to your motivation.

Whatever it will take you to help you move, accept, get, start, follow, think, dream, choose, find, act, need, jump, skip, go for it! Do whatever you have to do to get going and motivate yourself to act on what you have to do to find the next step in your life. I know it’s hard at first, but once you get the idea and think about it and start going forward. You will get what you’ve wanted to do for you. So do act or move, on whatever it will take to you to get you going or the motivation to help you get what you want or need. You have it in you and it’s always been in you but just need to get going.
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 in response to ricardog...   You are more then welcome. God has made it clear that HIS son is coming in my life time, and by the discerning of the time's that appear's to confirm these thing's daily. God is moving in our midst to open heart's, and eye's. We place our trust that he will use the mean's HE will's to do motivate us to do what is right. = )
Shalom, love, and blessing's my friend.

I thank God for you friend.
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 in response to Need_yeshua...   Thank you. I know that prayer helps. I think that is what drove me to writing the article because I felt that is what people need at this point and time. Motivation or at least to find where it's coming from. Thank you my friend,, peace.
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I pray that heart's will be ignited, and be motivated to do. = )
Shalom, love, and blessing's to you friend.
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